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Aracaria Biodynamic Farm - 500 Biodynamic Preparation

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Preparation 500 is made from cow manure that has been buried in cow horns during the cooler months of the year. It enlivens soil by improving soil structure and microbiological activity and promotes humus formation and water holding capacity. Our manure comes from our own lactating cows and the horns have been buried on our farm.

The pack contains 15g of 500 blended with 10g of biodynamic Cow Pat Pit compost. The CPP contains the biodynamic preparations 502 - 507 and is also made on our farm using our own biodynamic cow manure. CPP further enhances fungi and bacteria growth. Divide the preparations into four equal parts. Each part is enough for a seasonal application providing your garden with a biodynamic feast for the full year.

Keep this box in a cool, dark, dry place. Follow the application instructions provided.
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